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The main goal of genetics is to study the predisposition to pathologies and prevent them at the stage of embryonic development so that the child is born healthy.

Genetic testing is mandatory at our center. Since the health of the unborn child is our goal.

PGD screening is the study of the genetic data of the embryo before it is placed in the body of a woman. This method significantly increases the chance of having a healthy baby, as it gives enough information about the embryo and does not harm it in any way.

NIPT test is a genetic study of chromosomes that allows you to check for the presence of pathologies. A test is performed on the basis of the blood of the expectant mother during pregnancy. It is the NIPT test that allows you to accurately determine the presence of the most common genetic diseases.

If future parents have hereditary genetic diseases, then genetics consultation is necessary for them even at the stage of pregnancy planning!

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