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Infertility treatment (ART,artificial insemination, assisted hatching, ICSI)
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Infertility is the inability of one of the partners to conceive a child after regular unprotected sexual intercourse for a year or more.
According to WHO, today the problem of infertility affects up to 48 million couples in the world.

Male infertility is most often caused by problems with ejaculation, lack of or insufficient sperm, hydrocele, varicocele, prostatitis, vesiculitis, as well as abnormal forms of sperm (morphology) and their movement (motility).

In women - a violation of ovulation, inflammatory processes, endometriosis, age-related changes, pathology of the ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes and the endocrine system.

Types of infertility
- when a woman has never been pregnant (premature pregnancy is not included in this concept)

Secondary - when you already have children, but you can’t get pregnant again

Absolute - the absence of the uterus or fallopian tubes (it is impossible to get pregnant on your own in this case)

Relative - the most common causes in violation of ovulation and obstruction of the tubes. Is it possible to get pregnant naturally after treatment?

Immunological - in the body of a woman there are antisperm antibodies directed against spermatozoa or the embryo
Endocrine -
associated with disruption of the ovaries and hormonal levels

Genetic - diagnosed after several unsuccessful attempts to bear a child. It can be caused by congenital mutations or acquired.

Psychological - about a third of women cannot get pregnant due to fears and worries, although there are no physiological problems.


Today, the diagnosis of infertility is not a sentence. Medicine does not stand still, and our center is ready to offer you different ways to solve this issue.


First of all, you need to make an appointment with a reproductologist, who, after the examination, will decide what to do next.

ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) is a technique that helps to conceive and give birth to a child when traditional methods of treatment do not bring results.

ART includes:

  • IVF - in vitro fertilization, when the egg is fertilized outside the woman's body, and then the embryo is implanted
  • ICSI is an artificial insemination method used for male infertility.
  • IUI - intrauterine insemination, when prepared sperm (partner or donor) is introduced into the uterine cavity

Assisted hatching - is used before the transfer of the embryo into the uterine cavity in order to increase the chances of the embryo to gain a foothold.


In order to accurately determine the cause of infertility and develop a further treatment regimen, you should contact our center together with your partner.

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